Apr 182013

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by Matt Falls

At Growthers we take a slightly different approach to the installation and management of a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). We view the CRM as a tool to drive revenue. We show clients how to use the CRM to provide structure to the revenue generation process, to set metrics and to create a culture that focuses the entire revenue generation team on finding the best path to revenue.

We traiGrowthersLogon the entire revenue generation team to use the information in the CRM to track leads, opportunities and activities – that means everybody from marketing to sales and customer service and senior management.

  • Marketing – We train them to view every marketing activity as an investment. We show them how to set up marketing campaigns, track leads generated by each campaign and integrate them into the revenue generation process. Our custom dashboards measure the dollar return on all marketing activities.
  • Business Development – We provide business development with a 360 degree view of prospect and client relationships – opportunities, activities and follow-up tasks. We design processes that integrate business development into the revenue generation team and coordinate their efforts – starting with marketing’s lead generation activities to ongoing customer service.
  • The Sales Team – We teach the sales team to enter an opportunity – that is where the money is. Next, we show them how to connect a lead to the opportunity and to schedule a follow-up as an activity. Finally, we show them a task list for the next day, week or month. The salesperson sees the CRM as a tool that will help them close more business, provide better customer service and build mutually beneficial customer relationships.
  • Management: We create templates, tools and dashboards that enable them to better manage the company and know what is happening.

The Growthers Curriculum: Our comprehensive curriculum teaches the revenue generation teamlightbulb image how to create a model for collaborative revenue generation team reviews that turn leads into customers. We facilitate dynamic, interactive team meetings during which each revenue team member presents opportunities in their pipeline. Other team members make suggestions for improving outcomes. They develop strategies for overcoming objections, answering competitors, proposing additional products and closing the business.

The Growthers revenue generation team review meetings focus the team on the best approaches to winning and retaining business. We create a process where team members review opportunities in the revenue pipeline and identify those with the best chances of success. Team members discover ways to help each other win. A team member might recommend additional products based on a similar client need. Another might have contacts with the account or insight into a particular competitor. This free exchange of ideas builds a collaborative culture and newer team members learn techniques and product knowledge from the more experienced members of the team. The sales techniques and product knowledge presented in the team discussion are relevant to the salesperson because this information will help them close business.

We create custom dashboards for each team member that quantifies their contribution to revenue and achievement of performance metrics. Individual performance dashboards highlight the volume of opportunities, their stages in the pipeline and activities that each team member is performing to win the business. The revenue team review sessions validate the opportunities in the sales pipeline. Individual performance review sessions focus on improving the team member’s ability to move opportunities through the pipeline to revenue. We design performance metrics to hold your people accountable; setting the tone of continuous improvement among the team.

Our best practice of continuous engagement over time ensures that your team develops a keen understanding of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and new users are seamlessly and quickly brought up to speed on the system.

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