The CEO’s Handbook – Volume Three: Get Funded by Angel Investors


Angel Investors

The CEO’s Handbook – Volume Three: Getting Funded by Angel Investors

I wrote this book to help CEOs better understand Angel Investors. Getting funded is one of the major challenges that they face. Without adequate financial resources, a company will be limited in what it can accomplish. The journey to funding is full of twists and turns – journeys into unfamiliar territories. CEOs are far more familiar with the business of their business than the world of the angel investor. But, if they are going to be successful in getting funded, they need to understand and accommodate the investor’s objectives. More companies fail because of this challenge that should. In this book I will draw from my experience and tell you of the good and bad that angel investors can bring to your company. I’ll give you a peek behind the curtain and let you in on their approaches to

investment. My sincere hope is that, after reading this book, you will be better prepared for the journey and have a better chance of getting your company funded.

When all is said and done, the relationship between you and your investors is a combining of two different world views. They are in it for a return on their investment. You are in it to build a company and to reap the benefits of having done that. Find a common ground – reach a clear understanding – treat their perspective with respect and honor their objectives.

I am indebted to those angel investors that I have worked with. Their willingness to talk openly about their mistakes – the opportunities foregone – as well as their successes – has made this book possible. Without that, I would just be writing fictional accounts of a process that I viewed from a non-investor perspective. I dedicate this book to all of them. They are, after all, angels

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