Services for Investors


The Federal Circle provides a range of services to investors.

  • Proprietary Investment Opportunities: We incubate teams – putting them trough a demanding fifteen step process. The results are well tested teams and business plans and a series of important in-place agreements with the management team. The Federal Circle provides these opportunities to funding sources that we have established special relationships with.
  • Fiduciary Oversight: The Federal Circle provides oversight for companies and teams which we incubate. This includes providing members of the board of directors and advisory board. It also includes the establishment and enforcement of performance metrics, performance reviews, succession planning and reporting to the investors.
  • Diligence: In addition to the teams it is incubating, we provide diligence services to out partner investors. These services include analysis of potential investments and existing portfolio companies.
  • Targeting: Because of the wide connections of its team, The Federal Circle can provide industry analysis and targeting information for our partner investors.
  • Investment Analysis: We can assemble red-teams to review the performance, management team, business plan and resourcing requirements of our partner investor’s portfolio companies.
  • Management Services: Because of our standing relationships with successful CEO’s and management teams, The Federal Circle can design, assemble and oversee teams to improve the performance of our for our partner investor’s portfolio companies.

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