Too many proposals fail, too many requests for funding are unsuccessful, to many strategic plans result in no real benefit to the company which spent time and money on them. Discovering inadequacies after the fact is no consolation. There is a way to significantly improve results. It’s not rocket science. The Federal Circle organizes and manages red-teams that can significantly improve your chances.

The best way (in fact, the only reliable way) to make sure your strategic plans, proposals, and funding strategies are well focused and provide what the intended audience wants is to have it reviewed by a truly objective panel which views it through the eyes of that audience.

Those who anticipate the future are more likely to prosper when it arrives

A red-team evaluates your presentation as if they are being asked to provide what is being requested; looking for weaknesses and strengths and checking to make sure threshold questions are addressed.

Our independent review procedure emulates the client’s decision making. We simulate proposal delivery and oral presentation and critically review the entire process. We deliver an in-depth, interactive debriefing. The results will provide you with guidance and direction on what must be done to improve your probability of winning the business.

If you want to learn more about our red teaming programs and how they can help you improve your winning percentages, contact us and we will arrange a time for a free consultation. Contact us for a free initial consultation.


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