Oct 172012


The Federal Circle is now Growthers


We are renaming and refocusing The Federal Circle. The new name is Growthers. This is in celebration of the remarkable growth of the company and for two very important other reasons.

  1. Our client base is mostly in the commercial sector. In fact, the majority of our clients’ revenues are generated from that sector rather than from federal contracting.
  2. We have discovered that our value proposition – what we deliver to our clients – is just as potent in the commercial sector.

Our new website is Growthers.com

What’s Different? We are focused on the very things that our clients have told us that we do well and that deliver high value to them. Through a proprietary approach that we call Fast Track Growth, we deliver a substantial stream of targeted new business opportunities. We begin by preparing our clients for explosive growth (Acceleration Coaching), then deliver a heavy stream of high-quality and targeted opportunities (Growth Grenades). As a result our clients are able to significantly up their game and professionalize their team and corporate culture. We then put them on a track of Sustained Growth.

What’s the Same? We still have the ability to generate substantial flow of opportunities in the federal space. We retain the culture and pace developed by The Federal Circle. We call it “Manhattan speed”. Our Advisory Board is populated with professionals at the top of their field. Our focus is on driving the revenue of our clients and expanding the reach of their management teams. We bring a wide range of contacts to the table. They range from business generators and experienced senior executives to sources of funding and strategic partners.

Our Business Model

  • We don’t start with a search for clients. Our process begins with a search for deep pools of business. Particularly ones that are expanding rapidly. We find the business then go searching for a client to take advantage of it. If we contact you, you can be sure we are on a scent.
  • We measure our clients by how well they are able to take advantage of the opportunities we present to them. We set high standards and a fast pace. We expect our clients to keep up. Ours is business development on steroids.
  • Most of our revenue comes from success fees. Because of that, we are very demanding of our clients. Our system for growing their business is frank, honest and direct. We expect them to keep up with the fast pace we set. “Full speed and then some” is a core concept at Growthers.


Experience, Vision, Growth: We help clients prepare for growth, drive growth and ride the growth curve. We don’t spend a lot of time getting ready. Our engagements get up to full battle speed quickly and generate results almost immediately. We can help you unlock the value in your company. Start to finish – Acceleration Coaching, Growth Grenades, Sustained Growth and Fast Track Growth – We have a revolutionary approach that generates results. Contact us for a free consultation. We guarantee it will be worth your time.


Our Newsletter: We publish a monthly newsletter that will contain important news, indications of the clients that we are seeking based on the flows of business opportunities that we are seeing, articles on a range of business topics and much more. If you want to receive future copies, sign up and receive a free copy of our Managing Partner’s e-book: The CEO’s Handbook. It’s easy to register and will insure that you continue to receive the Newsletter. And be assured that we will never sell or even loan out our mailing lists.


Success Story: About 6 weeks ago, a friend referred a company to us. This company had developed an innovative, sustainable, green process for treating building materials. We had been following the area that they were in for some time – seeing large and increasing flows of business opportunities. The business area was already on our radar. We had been looking for a client to take advantage of those opportunities. After doing some additional research, we concluded that the company’s products would meet a substantial demand. Our background research on the management team showed them to be experienced, mature and dedicated to building their company. As a result, we decided that they might make an ideal client. We arranged an initial meeting.

In that meeting, we described our Fast Track Growth process. We outlined both the impact and demands of our approach. We made it clear what we expected of them. We also focused on the financial condition, performance and reliability of the company as well as the commitment of the management team to actually grow the company. Three days after the initial meeting, the company signed an engagement agreement with Growthers. The first working session was the nest day. In the words of the company CEO, here is their description of what happened:

We are chasing over $6 million in business opportunities with the federal government, in less than 6 weeks with Growthers.

These guys move at Manhattan speed. I had a meeting in DC, so I arranged a kickoff session with Growthers afterwards. I was immediately impressed. Before I arrived for my meeting, they helped my team edit a presentation for the meeting, and in our meeting, they had 5 opportunities for us to chase.

Growthers didn’t bother with lofty theories or high level strategies; instead, they got down to business by creating a very specific action plan for our team to prepare for federal business. They presented business intelligence on the opportunities available to us, implemented a CRM system to track the opportunities, and started the process of getting our company on the federal GSA schedules.”

Contact us to schedule an initial conference. Leave us a message via our website or call us at (202) 559-7403

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