Program Results


The Federal Circle team works with you to manage your program as well.  Our planning and implementation strategies also address the details – developing Memorandum of Understanding and Inter-Agency Agreements, determining resourcing requirements, monitoring budgets, tracking performance metrics and program impact.

We also help you demonstrate your programs’ impact with end users and partners with success stories, focus groups, high profile validation stories and community impact reports that highlight your programs’ contributions and effectiveness.

  • Your goals and objectives are translated into actionable plans that create effective results and move the needle for your organization

  • Your program is positioned as a resource for stakeholders by expanding branding and recognition to increase awareness, usage and to improve its value proposition

  • Strengthen your presence with end users, in local communities, states, and the federal community through consistent application of your brand

  • The visibility of your program is enhanced among Federal agencies and Congressional delegations.  We work with national and local organizations and strategic partners to strengthen support for your goals in Washington and the States

  • Raise awareness of your program’s activities and impact on clients at all levels of government – The White House, Congress, Governor’s and Mayor’s offices, as well as Federal, State, and local economic development organizations

  • Create communities of fans, followers, and enthusiastic customers for your program, and help you leverage your followers and customers by spotlighting their successes with use cases, written and video stories, and focus group sessions


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