Marketing and Outreach


The Federal Circle Marketing and Outreach services work with you to build awareness for your program, and establish common goals and productive relationships with partners.  We help you create a collaborative atmosphere that produces accessible, integrated and comprehensive services, along with user-driven apps and tools that result in a personalized customer experience.

Contact TFC to learn how we can help you deliver customer service that produces strongly positive results and successful clients.

Integrated Outreach

TFC brings life to your marketing plan with meticulous outreach planning which reaches your target market with messages and actions that win commitment and drive collaboration.

Building Valuable Strategic Partnerships

The Federal Circle can help you form partnerships that create value.  Our integrated outreach strategies help you set a path forward, helping you to identify organizations that are important to your mission, and develops strategies to address their needs and build support for your program.

Targeted Content Development

The Federal Circle helps you develop targeted messaging that reinforces your value proposition with partners.  Talking points, marketing brochures, program content for outreach events, along with blog, social media and newsletter content allow your partners to reach their clients with a unified message that creates fans, friends and followers for your program.

Program Results

Our contribution does not stop when the campaign or launch is over. TFC team implements the plan with you, monitors the performance metrics and recommends revisions for continuous improvement over time. TFC’s engagement agreement provides for follow-on support and access to TFC resources to transform your actions into results.


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