Integrated Outreach


We develop cohesive outreach tactics that use a broad range of communications paths, from direct engagement, to traditional print and broadcast media, to social networking, blogging, mobile and multimedia technologies.

Our Integrated Outreach services include:

  • Strategic Outreach Planning – Your mission and strategic vision is implemented with detailed action plans to connect with end users, local partners, Federal agencies, elected officials at all levels, press, social media, and non-profit organizations;

  • Target Markets – The Federal Circle works with you in the planning process to reach those organizations, events, and audiences that make up your target markets.  We help you do the research needed to discover mutual goals that provide the basis for collaboration.

  • Message Development – We help you craft targeted messages that address the needs of your partners, find common goals, and build support for your program with end users, partners, and other stakeholders.

  • Campaign and Launch Execution – Your launch campaign is the result of meticulous planning, identification of target markets, events and audiences, and a carefully targeted, crafted message to build support.  The Federal Circle supports your campaign with these services:Advertising placements in key media channels

    • Calling campaigns, targeted communications, and meetings with your message directed towards target markets and audiences

    • Creating statements of support and talking points for key principals for events and media interviews

    • Conducting product demonstrations, training seminars, briefings, webex/webinars, etc

    • Speaking/Attendance at national events

    • Traditional Media and social marketing campaigns to reinforce the message and build fans, friends and followers

      • Create press releases, media events, and conferences

      • Pitch ideas for interviews, news features, etc

      • Conduct interviews, schedule news features

      • Create rotating schedule of articles, social media postings, and tweets

      • Energize followers with a call to action – visit our web site, link to us, spread the word, give us your feedback

  • Inspiring the Developer Community – Third party applications build awareness, improve usability, and create excitement for your program. We help you reach the developer community by scripting effective product demonstrations, show them the possibilities, and inspire the developer community with app challenges to improve the user experience.


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