May 022013

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by Matthew Falls

At Growthers, we build companies. One of the most important tools we use to drive growth for our clients is the customer relationship management system. (CRM). In this article, I will describe the process we put in place to focus the entire revenue generating team on finding the best path to increasing revenue.

WSL is a manufacturer of industrial equipment. In a recent engagement, I installed a customer relationship management system (CRM) to help the company improve their revenue generation activities, set performance metrics and to create revenue for the company.

A critical part of the Growthers CRM curriculum is the revenue team review meeting. That’s the partcrm icon image of our approach that I want to focus on in this article.

We create a dynamic, interactive process that focuses the entire revenue generation team on moving opportunities through the sales pipeline. The purpose of the team review meeting is to help the company close business. In such a meeting we gather the entire revenue generation team together. Each person presents their key opportunities. Team members make suggestions on overcoming objections, answering competitors, and proposing additional products to win the business. Let me tell you about one such meeting.

Working with Bill, the CEO of WSL, we set ground rules for the meeting ahead of time. We installed the CRM on everyone’s desktop and I helped the revenue team update the CRM updated with all leads, opportunities and activities.

At the beginning of the meeting, each team member presented their key opportunities. Each was given two minutes to describe each opportunity. They were also responsible for taking the team’s suggestions and recording them as follow up activities in the CRM.

The meeting was held remotely, so the entire team got to see relevant information about each opportunity in the CRM. As facilitator, I worked with the CEO to set data entry standards for the team. We created a template that defines the information about each opportunity that team member will present during the revenue team review meeting. This is how it rolled out.

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