Mar 142013

Executive Briefing Webinar: Creating Valuable Relationships
(Full 45 min Webinar as presented to SECAF w/slides)

Learn how to create and maintain valuable relationships – and how the effective use of a CRM can turbo-charge that process.

Matthew Falls was part of a team that built a technology company. He and his team sold non-performing businesses to fund new product development, developed the core customer base by purchasing competitors, and drove license and service revenue by creating a customer-focused corporate culture, eventually selling the firm to a national competitor.

A year later, Matthew was one of 4 people selected out of 30,000 employees to serve in the CommerceConnect profile pic6-5-11pilot program in Michigan, winning the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Gold Award for Customer Service. Matthew now works for the federal initiative BusinessUSA, focusing on outreach to the state and local partners and the business community.

With BusinessUSA, Matthew works with state and local economic development organizations to feature their program content on BusinessUSA and to introduce BusinessUSA as a resource to small businesses. He also works with CEOs to introduce them to economic assistance programs and business development strategies. He conducts situational assessments, develops branding campaigns, and helps them with tools to grow their companies.

Developing Valuable Relationships
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