Benefits for Teams Working With the Federal Circle

If you want to combine your a-level team with ours, the resulting partnership can open possibilities.

We bring a number of benefits to the teams we decide to work with:

  • We allow you to focus on building your team and the business

  • You get relief from the senseless and time wasting grind of the money chase

  • Ours is a process that is designed to meet the investment criteria of our investor partners

  • We provide support for building out your team and developing and testing your business plan

  • The Federal Circle provides governance and oversight on behalf of the investors

  • We support teams that are interested in growing by further acquisition

  • You receive ongoing strategic advisory from high-level individuals and companies

The net result is that:

  • you have a greater chance of actually getting funded

  • on terms that are competitive with those that the venture funds offer

  • will spend much more time developing your business and customers

  • will not have to suffer the intrusiveness of the typical VC oversight

  • can focus on building your business rather than setting off on the money chase

The Federal Circle is not intrusive. We do not want to manage your business or team. Our objective is to build partnerships which open doors and opportunities for the companies and teams we work with. Working together, one and one can sum up to far more than three. If you would like to explore how a partnership with The Federal Circle could benefit you and your team, contact us and we will set up a meeting.


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