Strategic Planning


The more relevant the strategic planning process – the more focused – the higher its impact.


As a founder, CEO or division manager, you strive to get your people to  focus effectively on important challenges that impact the future success of your company.

The Challenge: The effectiveness and impact of strategic planning sessions will determine how successful you and your people will be. Hard problems need to be  addressed, solutions developed, consensus achieved, implementation plans agreed to and resolve established. Getting everybody on the same page is not enough – they have to be on the right page. TFC can help you get more out of these efforts.

Our Approach: We don’t have a shelf of prepackaged programs. Each one of our executive sessions is custom designed for the specific client.


The Federal Circle Differences

Custom-Designed Strategic Planning Retreats: Our involvement will help your people envision solutions to the major challenges and develop the skills, knowledge and plans necessary to meet them.

  • TFC’s programs are not based on case studies of some other company.

  • We design yours to meet the needs of your company and team.

  • The working sessions focus on real-time challenges that your company is facing.

  • Our panels, speakers and facilitators present within the context of their knowledge about and experience with your company and team.

  • The result is a much more valuable set of take-aways.

  • Your people will leave our events armed with the knowledge, tools and plans to better meet those challenges.

Extended Involvement: Our contribution does not stop when the program is over.

  • TFC’s engagement agreement provides for follow-on support and access to TFC resources by your team members.

  • Your people translate their new insights into actual, effective changes.

  • You don’t pay for a  workshop only to see its effects and your team’s enthusiasm for those changes attenuate over time.

  • We make sure that the value continues to grow.

Facilitated Events: Most companies have annual or semi-annual events such as all-hands retreats, strategic planning retreats, advisory board or board of directors meetings or specific sessions focused on specific issues or challenges. Few can demonstrate an actual return on the investment from these events.

  • TFC can make those events higher impact by organizing programs and speakers, presenting seminars and providing support for activities such as brainstorming, team building, strategic planning, re-envisioning, cultural integration and the like.

  • We believe that every event should show a healthy ROI and we can show you how to generate it.

Here are some examples of focus for our seminars and workshops:


  • Systems & procedures
  • Financial reporting & control
  • Quality control
  • Metrics & monitoring
  • Organizational structure
  • Strategic planning and review
  • Management, team and leadership assessment
  • Compliance

  • Business development
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Marketing
  • Integration and coordination
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Joint venture formation and management
  • Customer relationships and retention
  • New markets

  • Board operations and management
  • Record keeping and compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Compensation
  • Succession planning
Corporate Management

  • Legal structure
  • Financial structure and financing
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Capitalization Table
  • Retention and team building
  • PR & buzz management
  • M&A preparation and execution

If you want to learn more about our executive sessions and how they can be valuable to your company, contact us and we will set up an initial meeting.


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