Situational Assessment


The Challenges:

  • Accurately assess the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your company

  • Develop a series of actionable recommendations to respond to those conditions

  • Develop and implement a plan based on those recommendations

  • Measure results, compare them against expectations and make adjustments

The Federal Circle (TFC) offers situational assessments to:


  • Investors

  • Shareholders

  • Parent Companies of Operating Divisions

  • Support of a Diligence Process

  • Boards of Directors

  • Management Teams

  • Companies Considering Acquisitions

  • Bankruptcy Proceedings

  • Banks and Other Lenders


Our Approach:We conduct two types of situational assessments.

Tactical Assessments – Focused on specific issues. We complete these assessments and deliver the results within three to four weeks.

Strategic  Assessments – Broadly focused and custom-designed to match strategic needs. These can cover a wide range issues or focus on specific topics of high impact.



  • Systems & procedures
  • Financial reporting & control
  • Quality control
  • Metrics & monitoring
  • Organizational structure
  • Strategic planning and review
  • Management, team and leadership assessment
  • Compliance
  • AR & AP management

  • Business development
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Marketing
  • Integration and coordination
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Joint venture formation and management
  • Customer relationships and retention
  • New markets

  • Board operations and management
  • Record keeping and compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Compensation
  • Succession planning
  • Committee Structure and Operation
Corporate Management

  • Legal structure
  • Financial structure and financing
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Capitalization Table
  • Retention and team building
  • PR & buzz management
  • M&A preparation and execution
  • Regulatory Compliance

If you want to learn more about our situational assessment and how they can be valuable to your company, contact us and we will set up an initial meeting.


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