Ours is a ‘team approach’. We draw together members of the TFC team and affiliated professionals to provide  broadly based coaching to CEOs and other senior executives. We offer four different coaching engagements – executive, business development, leadership and team.

Executive Coaching: Successful executives have the developed the skills to effectively fill their role in a company.  Most executives try to get through on their innate skills and abilities. A few – and often, the most successful – seek out experienced coaches or mentors. The very successful ones have a team of experienced professionals helping them. Our team coaching approach will provide you with access to a wide range of experienced and successful executives and experts. It will make it easier for you to meet and master the major challenges that you are facing. The most important thing that TFC coaching can do for you is help you discover and unlock potential in yourself.

Business Development Advisory: There is no substitute in government contracting for winning business. Business development is one of the greatest challenges; particularly for emerging and middle-market companies. Companies that learn how to meet this challenge outperform their competition and build value for management and stakeholders. Your TFC team will be made up of professionals who have successfully met and mastered that challenge. We pull together a tailor-made team of people who have the relevant experience and connections to help you drive revenue and increase your win-rate. We can show you how to build a robust pipeline full of deals which move through to successful wins.

Leadership Coaching: As a CEO or team leader, your effectiveness is directly affected by your ability to lead and motivate others. As a great leaders, you can move your company forward faster and farther. A strong leader with vision and passion inspires others to bring out their best. Working with a TFC team, you can learn from experienced leaders. Why make all the mistakes that they have made? Learn what to avoid and how to lead more effectively. Your future depends on your ability to lead with vision and clarity. Leaders learn best from experienced and successful leaders. Open the door to your own great leadership and let a TFC team help you go through it.

Team Coaching: Success in business is driven by the effectiveness of your team and how well they work together. You can have all the right parts and, if they are poorly collaborating, still fail to achieve your goals. Teams operate inefficiently for lots of reasons. They operate successfully because they have an alignment of interests, shared vision, the right combination of skill-sets and the right resourcing. It takes all of these and more to make success possible. TFC can help you turn your team into a fire-breathing, world beating unit that will drive your company. Our team members have already made that journey – some of them multiple times.


If you are interested in learning more about TFC’s coaching services, contact us and we will set up an initial conference.

Dr. Earl R. Smith II
Managing Partner, TFC
(202) 559-7403


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