TFC Advisory Boards


An advisory board can either be the very best investment you ever make or a total waste of time and resources. Most boards fall into the latter category. TFC boards are different, they are designed, populated and managed to work – to advance a single purpose – to dramatically increase revenues.

  • Assessment: We assess your company’s suitability for a TFC advisory board. The process takes two to four weeks depending on senior management availability. We provide a detailed set of recommendations, schedule, cost estimate and team that will manage the subsequent stages.

  • Design: Each seat on the advisory board is custom fitted to both the present and future focus of your business and client base. Our objective is to design a board that will turbo-charge your business development. We also develop a plan to reorganize your company so that it can realize maximum benefits for the board.

  • Performance Metrics: We develop performance metrics based on your company’s situation and needs. These metrics become central to discussions with potential board members. More than any other factor, how metrics are defined, accepted and enforced will determine how effective your board will be.

  • Population: We manage the critical process of identifying, vetting and negotiating agreements with advisory board members. We establish a clear operating understanding with each candidate, manage the process of acquainting them with the company and management team and oversee the process of bringing them on-board. During this phase we also help you prepare your team for working with the advisory board.

  • Management: The formation of the advisory board is only the initial step. We have experience is helping CEOs and teams up their game and harvest value from these advisory boards. TFC provides the oversight that insures your board will become a highly productive component of your company’s business development process. We help you learn to work with the board and to manage the process of expanding the board as your business interests diversify.

  • Assessment: For a fixed cost roughly the same as a middle-level business development employee, you will have a powerhouse of advocacy dedicated to helping you win bigger and more lucrative business. TFC monitors the performance of the board and your team. We  help both be highly effective and work closely together. Our ongoing involvement and ‘honest broker’ status will help you and the board navigate the shallows and reefs that are certain to be encountered.