The Federal Circle Advisory

Advisory  in five major areas. Situational Assessment, Facilitated Strategic Planning, Coaching, Red-Teaming and Advisory Boards as Business Development Engines.

TFC’s core team and network of advisers has a deep understanding of government contracting. They represent a rich resource for companies trying to increase traction in very competitive markets. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

Situational Assessment: Provided to investors, boards of directors, management teams and other stake holders.

  • Tactical Assessments – Focused on specific issues. We complete these assessments and deliver the results within three to four weeks.

  • Strategic  Assessments – Broadly focused and custom-designed to match strategic needs. These can cover a wide range issues or focus on specific topics of high impact.

TFC assessments are often precursors to events such as a strategic planning retreats, revision of core value propositions, restructuring of the cap table, preparation of the company to transact, merger or major reorganization.

Facilitated Strategic Planning: Strategic planning provides the compass for an organization. The Federal Circle provides a structured and facilitated process. We collect and analyze data, assess the present strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, work with senior management to identify strategic alternatives, develop estimates of funding requirements and anticipate organizational restructuring needs. We present findings at the start of a planning retreat and then facilitate the process. TFC also provides post-event support and monitoring.

Coaching: Executive, Leadership and Team: A ‘team approach’. We draw together members of the TFC team and affiliated professionals to provide broadly based coaching to C-level executives. Our coaching engagements are fast-paced, based on performance metrics and bottom-line focused. Four different coaching engagements – executive, business development, leadership and team.

Red-Teaming: High-value review of strategic plans, proposals, and funding strategies. We provide the kind of red-teaming that the big companies employ to increase their chances of winning. Starting with our team of experienced and well connected professionals, we draw together an A-level red-team. Our reviews are often game changers for companies.

Advisory Boards as Business Development Engines: The Federal Circle builds advisory boards whose primary purpose is to drive revenue. Using an approach developed by our Managing Partner we design, populate and manage these boards. The process is described in Amazing Pace: Turbo-Charged Business Development.

The Federal Circle acts as an ‘honest broker’ in all engagements. Our involvement allows all sides to sit on the same side of the table and avoid the costs of adversarial friction. Whether we are doing a situational assessment, managing a facilitated planning session, organizing and managing a red-team or building an advisory board, our objective is to identify and present strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats without bias towards one side or another. The most frequent compliment we receive is, “You guys defined the challenges in a balanced and non-adversarial way. We went right to work after your presentation. Everybody was not only on the same page but on the same side as well.” The value of reduced internal friction during stressful times cannot be overestimated.

If you want to learn more about our situational assessment and how they can be valuable to your company, contact us and we will set up an initial meeting.


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